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you're in the right place.

You've met Annemaree, you have met our incredible members, so best I introduce myself

Hi there friend!
I am Kim, the founder of She Is Unleashed and I am very excited to Welcome you today

She Is Unleashed isn't about me. That is why you don't see me plastered on the SIU social media.
Heck, I don't even follow myself on Instagram!!

She Is Unleashed is about the community of incredible, ambitious women that believe in community over competition, This is a safe-space for all women in business to come and be authentically themselves.

Here is a quick story to give you the DOWN-LOW on how SIU came to be. (I will try to keep this short!) 

In 2019, I moved home from Australia after 7 years and a long-term relationship break down that rocked my world.
In my last three years of working in Australia, I held a Property Management role for Ray White.
Moving back to New Zealand, I went straight into a Real Estate Sales role.  
I thought…"this should be a breeze" as I had vast experience in this industry. Little did I know, I was completely WRONG.
I had to basically start from scratch...I needed to - 
1) Find my own clients 
2) Build my own “brand” and relationships
3) Went straight on commission base
4) Find people to take me seriously being in my mid 20's
5) Fight imposter syndrome on a daily! 
6) Ignore in-house politics & lack of support

And the list goes on….Some of you may resonate with that. 
Through all of this, I joined two networking groups to try to find my tribe of support. People to bounce ideas off, people to discuss mindset, holistic wellbeing, business building and more.
But what it did was make me feel more lonely…
I had older men look down on me. I had other women judge me for my age and my enthusiasm. I felt isolated; I felt, well, Sh**!  From this, it made me doubt myself, but the fire inside of me kept saying to not give up. 
So I never did. 
Instead, I had to create it. And then, She Is Unleashed was born. A safe space for like-minded women to come together, to support each other without judgement, to build community, to laugh together, to cry together, to relate with one another. To start businesses together, grow businesses together, to hustle hustle hustle together. 
What I found was that no one, no one should ever feel lonely in business. No one should ever feel like they aren't good enough. 
Because you are good enough, you are unique, you are special, you are loved and there is room for everyone.
And I aim to make sure everyone feels this way. Because we aren't meant to do business alone.

So welcome to the family. I hope you are left feeling from every event, workshop, communication, weekly meetings, social media and everything in between, appreciated, seen and heard. We look forward to doing this, together. 


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