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She Is Unleashed for Women In Business.

When you are self-employed, it can feel isolating. Therefore, we have created a family-feeling community that wants to see you succeed by providing you with the tools & connections to help you achieve your wildest dreams and intentions. 

Networking is like making new friends, but with a purpose. It's all about building relationships and connections with people who can help you achieve your goals, whether it's finding a job, starting a business, or even just making new friends. Networking events are a great way to meet new people and expand your network, and they're definitely worth it. But networking isn't just about exchanging business cards or making small talk – it's about building meaningful relationships and collaborating with others. So, go out there, be open, be friendly, and start building your network today!

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Our mission is to support and connect ambitious women in business to reach their own version of success. We are about the whole woman.

Ready to Level Up Your Personal & Business life?

Our four pillar framework below focuses on Connection, Fortitude, Education and
Collaboration. Remember, like the old saying goes, your net worth = your network.



Through regular events, weekly meetings & more, we thrive on meeting other women in business regularly. They become our business sisters that HYPE us up and want to watch and help us succeed. Welcome to the SIU community.



Having great fortitude in tough times is strongly linked to happiness & life satisfaction. Business is HARD, but you can build grit which will pay dividends in the long run. Building fortitude is a focus of ours. Rough seas forge great sailors, not smooth ones, and average sailors often meet Neptune at the bottom of the Pacific.



Through our events, workshops and weekly meetings, we aim to leave you with value-added content. Through our SIU community, we pull out everyone's unique strengths. We can never stop learning in this thing called life...so let's do it together! 



She Is Unleashed is blessed to have collaborated with many businesses. When collaboration happens, exposure for their business and magic happen too.
If you want to collaborate, whether that is through sponsorship, speaking, hosting, facilitating or anything else, drop us a line!

We are a community of modern businesswomen who are ambitious, courageous and let by heart. We are about the whole woman because how can you grow and give to your business if you aren't the best version of yourself?


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