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Let’s Build Something Incredible Together

If you are a woman in business and want to connect with like-minded women, you have come to the right place! Just think of us like a networking group, but not-so-traditional with incredible perks and connections!

This is your chance to make meaningful business connections and feel a strong sense of family, community and support. Because let’s be honest, business can be lonely, but when you have a group of women who support and uplift you, you can achieve anything and life is more fulfilling and exciting!

The people you habitually associate with determine as much as 95% of your success or failure in life.

Our current group locations

Mount Maunganui
Papamoa East
Pyes Pa
Te Puke
Hawke’s Bay

And our community is continuously expanding!

We’re excited about the possibility of having you join us on this journey. If you don’t spot your location listed, don’t worry! We might be coming your way soon. Just ensure you’ve subscribed to our email list to stay updated.

“Despite being capable, the mindset you develop because of the people you associate with will be the strongest determining factor of your success."

Dr. David McClelland, Social Psychologist of Harvard University

Are we the right fit?

How it works


We welcome you to contact us so we can arrange your first free visit. We will even shout your coffee!


Come for your visit. See if we are your vibe! If so, your area leader will take you through the options to join. Don’t worry – we never pressure. We grow because we want you to want to be there, not because you have to!


If you are happy you sign up, get your welcome pack and onboarded into the community.

The real fun then begins!!

We're a one-of-a-kind community

Our signature networking formula combines business opportunity cultivation, credible connections, and knowledge growth and exchange. This blend aims to nurture both the business itself and the women driving it. 

Here’s a sneak peek:

What's included


No-questions-asked, anytime cancellation policy (fee may apply)

Access our exclusive online community around the clock


Ready-to-use templates and resources saving you valuable time and money.


We focus on the WHOLE woman

Guest speakers


Epic discounts to a vast range of businesses


Exclusive Member only events


Did you know?

More than 55% of our members have successfully run businesses for over 5 years, and over 20% boast an impressive 20+ years in business. 

Our seasoned businesswomen continually embrace fresh perspectives from our newer members, ensuring ongoing learning. 

Newly established businesswomen (0-2 years) in our community gain valuable access to the knowledge and support of these experienced mentors.

She Is Sharing

We are grateful for the kind words from members and non members.

Maria Ward
Maria Ward
I am very grateful for the community SIU created. I wouldn't be where I am in my journey and progress as a starting business here in NZ if not for SIU. SIU helped me hugely to come out of my fears, reservations and comfort zone.
Sharyn Andrews
Sharyn Andrews
Such a supportive group of Women In Business. So very glad I found them!
Beach Rentals
Beach Rentals
Joining this women in business group has been the best decision i have made! I look forward to our group meetings every week. I have also attended a few of the workshops offered through the group which has been time well spent for my professional and personal development. I love there is no pressure, and you get out of it what you put in (which for me has been valuable). Anne Maree and Kim are full of energy and intentional inspiration! Sara :)
Caroline Stevenson
Caroline Stevenson
After leaving an industry that I have worked in for over 20 years and buying my own business, I was unsure how to develop my new network for support and understanding. Although fairly new to She's Is Unleashed, I have already made amazing contacts, collaborated with others in the group, felt connected and learned a lot. The casual yet structured approach to the gatherings enables everyone to feel welcome and open to sharing. The group is quickly becoming an important part of my week and they help me to feel confident and positive in what I am doing.
Sarah Gillum
Sarah Gillum
I joined SIU at the end of 2023. Although I've only been there a few short months, I already feel like a part of the family. Kim & Ann-Maree are absolute treasures. The vibe of the group is relaxed, open and non-judgemental. Just a bunch of bada** businesswomen uplifting and supporting each other! I always walk away from the weekly meetings feeling uplifted and so inspired. I take so much away from hearing others perspectives and it often changes my mindset and perspective of what I'm currently dealing with. If you are after a supportive business village, SIU is 100% for you. I can't recommend them enough.
Caroline Sykes
Caroline Sykes
I am so thrilled to have joined SIU and really cherish the wonderful friendships and support I have developed with the members. Kim and Annemarie lead from the heart and have taught me so much about having a growth mindset and dealing with my inner critic. SIU has also brough me great networking opportunities and leads for my business. I look forward to meetings every week!!
brent henry
brent henry
SIU feels more like a business coach, motivation group & networking group all rolled into one! I highly recommend the group even for males like myself who can send in a female coworker to represent their business. The ROI is definitely there & the staff return invigorated. 5 stars!
Amanda Crane
Amanda Crane
I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined the She Is Unleashed Community. It is so warming and comforting to turn up to group on a Wednesday and know that your not pressured into anything and also that you will be heard. Kim and Annemaree are such awesome ladies and I am honoured to be apart of this amazing group!
Maree Cooper
Maree Cooper
I absolutely love our She is Unleashed community of ladies. I look forward to my Thursday meetings, the support and knowledge we all share is invaluable. And the courses and events that we have access are top notch and I have grown so much from these. Especially the Money Mastermind class - a game changer. Thank you Kim & Annemaree for the amazing community you have created.
Laura Smith
Laura Smith
I am so happy I found She is Unleashed! What an amazing group of women to be surrounded by! I look forward to our weekly meetings and always leave feeling inspired and that we are all on this crazy business journey together. Plus the support in the What's app group is so nice. I am also super impressed by the amount of effort and love that goes into the events, I have been to a couple of the mastermind events and I got so much out of them! She is Unleashed is so much more than a just networking group, it is a supportive & motivating safe place for women in business. Laura - LS Creative Studio