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Welcome to our Workshops & Masterminds

Workshops and Masterminds are run in collaboration with credible, successful businesses, to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to implement for your business. Oh and in true She Is Unleashed fashion, we bring fun twists and turns in amoungst it.

Mastering Your Marketing Workshop

Sometimes when you are starting in business you can feel overwhelmed with the TO DO LIST of marketing collateral! Not only this, but when you are already established, you need to try KEEP UP with what is trending, updating, going on etc etc. Our Marketing Workshops aim to educate our attendees in a fun, safe way. Thank you to all the lovely ladies for investing time into themselves and their businesses. We are excited for the next! 

Mastering Your Marketing held at Blended Eatery 


Here's what our attendees had to say...

"My favourite part about today was the way the workshop was broken into with lots of helpful information".

"Everything was honestly so amazing, meeting new people was one of my favourite parts about today. So much value and absolutely blown away with the incredible content, flow of the day and amazing food".

"Intimate, warm and structured so well. I loved the extra touches!". 

"I feel inspired and motivated after today's workshop. Plus a little more confidence in social media and google!". 

"I loved the variety, connection, creativity, learning etc. I feel motivated and inspired.. Please just provide "more hours in a day" haha! Cannot pin point exactly what was my favourite part about today, as I loved it all". 


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