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Workshops and Masterminds are run in collaboration with credible, successful businesses, to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to implement for your business. Oh and in true She Is Unleashed fashion, we bring fun twists and turns in amoungst it.

Mastering your marketing






Money Mastery Series 1

What an extraordinary experience at Money Mastery! It was a remarkable day filled with invaluable knowledge and insights, where we delved into various techniques, tools, and engaging discussions to enhance our financial aptitude. Emphasizing the significance of a robust money mindset, we learned how it plays a pivotal role in fostering abundance and success, particularly in our entrepreneurial endeavours.

Thank you to Cass and Brooke for being such an integral part of our beautiful day. Along with our amazing attendees!

With special guests Cassandra hogan and brooke barnard

We extend a heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed New Zealand businesses who made our special day even more extraordinary by generously contributing their phenomenal products to our delightful goodie bags. Explore the remarkable offerings of these exceptional companies by clicking on their names below!

We appreciate you

Transformational Mindset Mastermind

Picture this: You wake up in the morning, ready to conquer the day and make your business dreams a reality. But, as soon as you sit down at your desk, you start feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You’re bombarded with emails, phone calls, and deadlines that seem impossible to meet. What do you do?

This is where having a strong mindset comes in. You see, running a business is like being on a rollercoaster ride. There are highs and lows, twists and turns, and sometimes, you might even feel like you’re upside down. But, if you have a strong mindset, you can handle anything to the best of your ability that comes your way.

April 2023 

When you have a strong mindset, you’re able to stay focused on your goals/intentions, even when things get tough. You don’t let setbacks or failures get you down because you know they’re just temporary obstacles on the road to success. You’re able to adapt to changes quickly and make smart decisions that will help you grow your business.

With special guest cass from Fontein Coaching

Our Transformational Mindset Workshop focussed on understanding what is a fixed/growth mindset? The Success Cycle, 3 most common challenges for women in business and how to overcome them, understanding limitations and love your weaknesses and so much more. This was such a special day for our first mastermind on mindset and we had such incredible feedback. Thank you to all you special ladies that made this day amazing. There is just something so powerful when like-minded ladies can come together to learn, grow and be present with one another. 

A MASSIVE Thank You to the following NZ loved businesses for being apart of our special day by gracing your INCREDIBLE products into our goodie bags. Click the businesses below to check them out!

We appreciate you


Here's what our attendees had to say...

"Excited to work on improving all areas of my life. Prioritising and creating healthier boundaries. It was very eye-opening on areas I have been neglecting".

"My favourite part about today was connecting with like-minded women and going into different topics around mindset".

"Intention setting and learning how to actively change the mindset was a gamechanger!". 

"Inspired, energised and excited for what is next!". 

"WOW WOW WOW, this is JUST what I needed for my life right now. We covered so much and I cannot wait to get implementing. 

Mastering Your Marketing Workshop

Sometimes when you are starting in business you can feel overwhelmed with the TO DO LIST of marketing collateral! Not only this, but when you are already established, you need to try KEEP UP with what is trending, updating, going on etc etc. Our Marketing Workshops aim to educate our attendees in a fun, safe way. Thank you to all the lovely ladies for investing time into themselves and their businesses. We are excited for the next! 

Mastering Your Marketing held at Blended Eatery 

With special guests Victoria from GEm marketing & emelie from log cabin studios


Here's what our attendees had to say...

"My favourite part about today was the way the workshop was broken into with lots of helpful information".

"Everything was honestly so amazing, meeting new people was one of my favourite parts about today. So much value and absolutely blown away with the incredible content, flow of the day and amazing food".

"Intimate, warm and structured so well. I loved the extra touches!". 

"I feel inspired and motivated after today's workshop. Plus a little more confidence in social media and google!". 

"I loved the variety, connection, creativity, learning etc. I feel motivated and inspired.. Please just provide "more hours in a day" haha! Cannot pin point exactly what was my favourite part about today, as I loved it all". 


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